Are you having trouble with the IRS?

Let our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff help you today!

About the Texas IRS Resolution Centers

The Texas IRS Resolution Centers is headquartered at the Glazer Financial Network offices. With over 15 Accountants, Enrolled Agents and CPA’s, this venture has all of the experience and knowledge necessary to help with any of your IRS Resolution needs.

About Glazer Financial Network
Glazer Financial Network is a full-service financial firm dedicated to providing unique solutions to the monetary, financial, and tax problems of professionals. Our network was assembled with the client in mind. We offer a broad array of financial services whether that be financial planning, insurance coverage or running your business’ day-to-day book keeping; allowing you the ease of working with one firm for all of your financial needs. We pride ourselves on offering each client an objective analysis and a comprehensive look at the best scenarios available for their personal situation. Our team is dedicated to prompt and timely service and we are open year round.

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